Stamford Music And Arts Academic Policies

REGISTRATION FORM | SPRING 2016                                              
DATE: _________________

Student Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address, City, State, ZIP: ______________________________________________________


Contact Information:____________________________________





Parent/Guardian Name:__________________________________

Instrument:   Piano     Guitar      Voice      Violin      Theory      Advanced Master Training    Chamber Music Program   Flute   Saxophone   Trumpet   French Horn   Clarinet

SPRING SEMESTER TUITION FEES (March 14, 2016-June 18, 2016)

Piano (13Weeks)  30 Minutes-$  45 Minutes-$  60 Minutes- $

Guitar (13Weeks)  30 Minutes-$  45 Minutes-$  60 Minutes-$

Voice (13Weeks)  30 Minutes-$   45 Minutes-$  60 Minutes-$

Violin (13Weeks)  30 Minutes-$  45 Minutes- $  60 Minutes-$

Theory (13Weeks)  30 Minutes-$  45 Minutes-$  Group(45 Minutes)-$

A M T (13Weeks)  60MinPrivate-$  45MinGroupTheory-$ 45MinTechnique-$  45MinEnsemble-$

C M P (13Weeks)   45 Minutes-$  60 Minutes-$

Flute (13 Weeks) 45 Minutes-$   60 Minutes-$

Saxophone (13 Weeks) 45 Minutes-$  60 Minutes-$

Trumpet (13Weeks) 45 Minutes-$ 60 Minutes-$

French Horn (13 Weeks) 45 Minutes-$ 60 Minutes-$

Clarinet (13 Weeks) 45 Minutes-$ 60 Minutes-$

Date  Paid: _______________  Amount Paid: _________________________

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* A completed registration form with all applicable fees must be submitted before lessons are scheduled.

Please read and sign the acknowledgement of SMAA policies and waiver below:

Students of Stamford Music & Arts Academy enroll by the term. Scheduling will begin 5-10 days prior to the beginning of each semester on a first-come first-served basis after form completion. Scheduling priority is given to returning students with paid registration.  Students may register in the middle of a semester and tuition fees will be prorated to the remaining lessons.
Each student is entitled to only 1 make-up lesson per term. Missed classes are Not refunded. Each student will have one makeup class at the end of each semester. If student wishes to cancel classes he/she is obligated to pay until his/her space is taken by new student.

The goal of SMAA is to ensure that each student receives quality instruction and is satisfied with their musical instruction.

Attendance and Absence
Attendance records for students are maintained by instructor. Students must make every effort to be on time for all classes and lessons. All classes/lessons will end at the scheduled time so that subsequent classes and lessons remain on time.

Specific Late Policies

Students who arrive 10 minutes late to group lessons may or may not be allowed to participate.


The SMAA reserves the right to dismiss any student for the following reasons:
*Frequent tardiness
*Behavioral problems
*Failure to abide by Academy policies
*Delinquency in payment of fees


Delinquency in payment of tuition and fees may result in suspension of a student’s enrollment. Suspended students shall not be allowed to attend classes, rehearsals, or lessons; instruction shall be resumed only upon full payment of any balance due.

The policy of the SMAA when assigning, or when necessary, reassigning students to teachers is to try to match the student, parent, and teacher in the most harmonious and productive relationship possible. All changes of teacher assignment require director’s approval. Generally, changes are approved when requested by the parent; the actual change in teacher takes place at semester break. In cases where it is required, the SMAA honors requests for confidentiality, and attempts to give ultimate consideretion to the wishes of the client.

WAIVER: I agree to waive liability and release any and all claims against Stamford Music & Arts Academy, its owners, its members, and all of their staff, employees and agents for injuries and damages during programs at SMAA or while at SMAA for any other reason, whether in a class or not.

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