Private Guitar Lessons

Our private guitar lessons include acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Our faculty are specialists in classical, jazz, rock, pop, and just about every other guitar style imaginable. SMAA’s teachers come from around the world to bring our students the highest quality and diversity of instruction. The proper theory and technique is covered in the lesson. Guitar students develop listening skills, left and right hand independence, coordination, reading skills and improvisational creativity. All guitarists will learn to read tablature as well as standardized music notation, chords, finger picking, lead guitar, and rhythm technique.
Classical Guitar

In classical guitar, our students learn to read standard musical notation, rhythm, chords, scales, melodies, and picking patterns in a five finger approach to the instrument. As students progress, the repertoire incorporates pieces that utilize higher positions on the guitar neck. This method ensures a firm grasp of fretboard knowledge and flexibility.

Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitar method focuses on basic chord forms and their extensions, jazz forms, standard chord progressions, scales, modes, strumming (comping), and picking styles. Special attention is given to articulations and style indicative of jazz music. Students work on written music, the ability to read lead sheets, and improvisation.

Rock Guitar

Students wishing to work on folk, rock, or pop styles learn basic strumming and finger picking styles, while working on pentatonic scales, and rudimentary chord progressions. Guitarists are encouraged to play their favorite artists’ music and to begin song-writing themselves.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is the foundation of any great rock, blues, or country band. It has a longer scale neck than the electric guitar and is an octave lower in pitch. Lessons cover topics such as bass chords, technique, finger strength, dexterity, ‘walking’, chord symbols, and slap techniques, to name a few.