Private Voice Lessons and Training

Private voice classes introduce the fundamentals of breathing, diaphragm control, correct posture, good vocal support, tone production, and diction in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. In addition, students receive training in pitch, tone, agility, projection, timing, and phrasing.
SMAA strives to give voice students the best training possible to prevent vocal injury and to increase range, flexibility, and control. Students gain confidence as they learn to use their voices properly and expressively while reducing strain and physical tension. These lessons can also help students prepare for future auditions through vocal coaching, staging instruction, and assistance in selecting appropriate repertoire. Students learn vocal and physical warm-ups and how to work with an accompanist.

Repertoire may include classical (opera/oratorio), folk, jazz, pop, and Broadway selections. Classical voice involves the study and application of different vocal techniques using repertoire from folk songs to art music. English, French, German and Italian arias are sung in the original languages. Emphasis on voice production may include clarity of speech, economy of breath, and proper articulation. Our goal is for each student to be able to sing with ease, confidence, and enjoyment.

For students younger than 12 years old, we recommend a preliminary assessment with one of our voice faculty members in order to assess vocal development and capability. Early instruction in voice focuses on simple songs and pitch exercises to aid in developing a musically tuned ear.

Voice students are encouraged to enroll in music theory classes as well as children’s choir. Theory study enhances vocal training and builds a strong foundation for future musical progress.